Bioidentical hormones are from plant-derived sources and are similar to the hormones the body produces naturally. Hormone imbalances become more common as we age, but they can also be caused by stress, sleep problems, excessive training, environmental toxins, pollution and the accumulation of heavy metals.

Some of the more common symptoms of hormonal imbalance include: menstrual cycles gradually ending [irregular periods may continue for several years]; thinning hair on the head or body, or both [more noticeable with men]; lower sex drive; vaginal dryness; weight gain, especially in stomach/abdomen; exhaustion, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness.

Hormone imbalances may also be indicated by changes in body temperature, hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of perimenopause; difficulty sleeping, mood changes, irritability, anxiety; cognitive changes such as brain fog, reduced concentration and memory problems.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be effective in replenishing deficient hormones and restoring overall hormonal balance and well-being.


  • Starting from THB 1,500
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